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New Long Lasting Formula!

Designated for Winter / Cold Weather Use.

Contains 18 PT Pro Ultra Dura Winter Platform Tennis Balls. 6 sleeves with 3 balls in each sleeve.  $16.67/sleeve


Utilizing the latest technology and development of advanced materials, the new PT Pro platform tennis balls have been updated again to make them the undisputed leader in platform tennis ball innovation.


Starting with the most appropriate hardness, perfect bounce and balance, provides players with the most durable and high performance balls available today.


With our new Super Endurance flocking materials and production technology, the balls have the longest life, whether on dry or wet court surfaces.


PT Pro winter balls are specifically engineered to give the proper amount of bounce when playing in cooler conditions. Buying direct from PT Pro allows us to offer you unprecedented savings on your platform tennis ball needs.


The main purpose of PT Pro is to provide players with the greatest performance for enjoyment of playing, while being the most cost effective APTA approved platform tennis ball by from purchasing direct from PT Pro.

18 PT Pro NEW Ultra Dura Winter Balls, 6 sleeves - FREE SHIPPING!!

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